Side Tipper - 24m^3

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Side Tippers
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Side Tipper


These Road West Side Tippers have the following specifications;

10,250 mm long x 3,130 mm high x 2,490 mm wide (overall)
8,400 mm x 1,325 mm x 2,450 mm internal bin dimensions
Length to suit tandem OR tri axle dolly.

24m³ (nominal)

Patented Roadwest unique floating body
Fully fabricated Body using Q&T Grade 450 Brinell Hardness
5mm Hardox 450 side walls - Radius style
5mm Hardox 450 side discharge door
5mm Hardox 450 floor
Coamings - Hardox 450 pressed coaming
Load deflectors to each end of body
Door Deflectors incorp door cylinder mounts to each end of door
Door/Pivot made from heavy wall bar (41/40) & bushes for hinging of
door and body. Grease nipples fitted for easy maintenance.

Fabricated high tensile steel (700 Mpa) with one piece web, top and bottom flange.
3 pivot bolsters mounted to chassis (for body tip).

Road Side

Holland bolt in removable type, 50mm. Road Train Rated.

Height set at 1,300mm with 10mm with plate with bolt in key block for ballrace

Powered from Prime mover with all air operated diverter valves
located on each trailer.
Air switches only needed in prime mover for trailer operation.
As body tips door activates automatically and opens first.
Trailer has manual valve also in case of truck hydraulics failure,
another prime mover can power hydraulics and be operated manually
for discharge without necessary controls inside of cab.
All hydraulic fittings are quick release to front and rear.
All trailers set up for quad operation
Festo quick release 6mm airlines for hydraulic valve operation


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