SIT002 - Howard Porter Side Tipper

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Side Tippers
Equipment Class
Side Tipper
Howard Porter
Side Tipper
Year of Manufacture


These Howard Porter Bullmaster Tri Axle Side Tippers have the following specifications;

Size - 8.0m x 2.5m x 1.2m LxWxH of Body
Capacity - 21 cubic metres
Subframe - 10 metres overall length
Tip Cylinders - 5" Single Stage, double acting, externally mounted to each end.
Door Cylinders - Hydraulic cylinders, single stage, double acting
Hydraulics - Air operated directional control valve with manual overide. Steel hydraulic lines fitted on outside of chassis rails for easy access. Hydraulic hoses fitted to front of subframe with 1" PBR compatable coupligs.
King Pin - 90mm Kingpin to suit Tandem or Tri Axle Dolly
Spare Tyre Carrier
Landing Legs - 2 speed, manually operated
Suspension - Tri mechanical overslung 9 Leaf Spring Packs
Road Train Items - RINGFEDER Tow Hitch, air, hydraulics and electrics to rear.
Electrics - HELLA LED lights.
Tarp System - Retractable MESH tarp (manually operated)

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